Meet Our Customer Service Team

About Readiness Rounds

Readiness Rounds' platform to drive high reliability in hospitals has developed consistently since 2004.

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Ahtasham Alvi
Product Support Specialist / Help Desk

Always ready to help, Ahtasham has been in the customer support and technology industry for more than 5 years and providing highest level of customer service to technical and non-technical clients. Ahtasham joined Readiness Rounds in 2020 to help people and to make a difference in the world with Readiness Rounds products.

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Brianne phillips

Brianne has been in the customer service industry with management experience for 15 years and truly has a passion for helping people find the best fit for their needs through high level communication and effective listening skills. Brianne joined Readiness Rounds in 2020 with a passion to use her lifelong skills of being a team player and multitasking high level projects to bring excellent service to their clients out in the field. 

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Eric Tweedy
ACCOUNT manager

Blinding speed and efficiency describe Eric’s processing prowess. Eric has also assisted in the transition to a completely electronic data aggregation in an effort to maintain an office environment focused on green sustainability.

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Foster Moore
Product Support Specialist / Help Desk

Foster's background in customer service and logistics is varied but has always centered around customer satisfaction and efficiency. Delighting in a job well done, he won't rest until all solutions are found.

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 Jacque McClaskey - Account Manager

ACCOUNT manager

Jacque has been with Readiness Rounds since 2007 and her attention to detail allows her to provide top-level assistance to customers seeking support in dashboard operations, performance improvement processes, report distribution, and general understanding of Readiness Rounds. Jacque utilizes these skills to support healthcare professionals with their daily challenges.

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James Eastland

james eastland
Product Support Specialist/Help Desk

James has experience in account management, logistics, and data management. He is currently working on the Product Support Team, where he works on the back end of the databases. He enjoys learning different processes and working with clients to help meet their needs. 

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Lindsey Norwood - Account Manager

ACCOUNT manager

Her rapport with clients and high level of professional proficiency reinforces the reliability and integrity of client support at Readiness Rounds. Lindsey joined Readiness Rounds in 2010. She acts as a liaison between clients and Readiness Rounds by maintaining strong lines of communication. Implemented loops allow her to capture feedback to improve customer service and ensure that quality and service exceeds customer expectations. 

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