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mONTEFIORE Ehs Provides framework for system-wide high reliability deployment 

Do any of these pain points hit close to home: bogged down by paper-based processes; inability to identify and track corrective actions; lack of tools to produce and manage PI efforts? Chances are you've experience one or all of these issues. We've been able to improve all of our clients' pain points with just one holistic solution. 

We'll show you how we helped this client increase their quality observations, how they were able to efficiently address corrective actions, and successfully implement numerous PI efforts.

In this white paper, you’ll discover:

  • How our client was able to streamline reliability, corrective action, performance improvement and increase HCAHPS scores
  • Why a digital tool to collect quality data is key to improvements
  • An ROI of a high reliability tool 

Start your journey to a high reliability hospital now.

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