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A Wide Range Of Operational Checks, A Single Platform, And Closed-Loop Follow-Up

The need for proactive checking of operational quality, while self-evident, is often overlooked or becomes so cumbersome that the effort to collect, correct, and improve is abandoned.

The Readiness Rounds approach integrates all of this effort into the same platform as Clinical Quality and Patient Experience, providing sustainability and transparency.

As with Clinical Quality, Operational Quality dramatically streamlines the effort, reducing the amount of time spent while significantly improving the value of improvement efforts throughout the hospital.

Below are some examples of the checklists available in the Operational Quality module on the Readiness Rounds High Reliability Platform

Medication Management

Medication Management

The healthcare industry, where even the smallest mistake can have catastrophic implications, should not have any place or scope for errors to occur. The Institute of Medicine defines medical errors as “the failure to complete a planned action as intended or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim”.

The Readiness Rounds' Medication Management checklist approach provides a consistent streamlined methodology for pharmacists and pharmacy techs to evaluate the appropriate storage and security of medications outside of the pharmacy.

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Management Checklist



Fire Drills


The Life Safety Code requires fire drills to be conducted each quarter - once on each shift. Fire Drill Management

The Readiness Rounds' hospital fire drill approach streamlines this process significantly by developing the annual drill schedule and providing engineering/safety management with an electronic checklist to record all responses.  This not only provides instant documentation of fire drills conducted; the dashboards provided will identify any gaps in existing processes of knowledge allowing safety management to proactively address any shortfalls.  No more manual planning of schedules and no more folders of paper to track.

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High-Level Disinfection

High Level Disinfection

Effective sterilization and high-level disinfection processes are critical in reducing the risk of transmission of healthcare-associated infections.

The Readiness Rounds' High-Level Disinfection checklist approach provides a consistent and easy-to-use approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the high-level disinfection processes. 

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Disinfection Checklist



Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygine

According to data from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey in the New England Journal of Medicine, on any given day, 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one infection they got from being in a health care setting.

The most effective way for hospitals to combat HAIs (also referred to as healthcare-associated infections) is to stop them in their tracks before they start. Hand hygiene is one of the first lines of defense.

The Readiness Rounds' Hand Hygiene electronic checklist incorporates the typical observation technique used by many hospitals.  The second component of the Readiness Rounds' Hand Hygiene checklist is focused on providing "real time" evaluations of hand hygiene practice and built-in "real time" training as needed.  This approach moves significantly beyond gathering data and drives at improving staff knowledge.  The other key feature of the Readiness Rounds' Hand Hygiene checklist is gathering information from staff in an operational "real time" setting, the barriers they are encountering in practicing good hand hygiene.  This information is invaluable in launching appropriate hand hygiene improvement efforts.

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