About Readiness Rounds

Readiness Rounds' platform to drive high reliability in hospitals has developed consistently since 2004.

Darrel Lard - Programming Manager

PROGRAMming manager

As a long-term team member, Darrel has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the Readiness Rounds platform. His expertise in developing practical solutions for complex workflows is a significant reason for the intuitive Readiness Rounds user experience. In addition to being a key resource in the continued enhancement of the platform, he provides support to other team members to ensure that all aspects of the platform effectively operates.

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Nitin Kaushik - Programmer

Nitin Kaushik 

Nitin joined Readiness Rounds in January 2020 as a programmer to assist with system development and IT. Nitin is an engineering graduate with 15 years of IT experience which includes all phases of software development life cycle. His extensive experience in web application design, development, problem solving, application programming, and design skills will add new depth within our programming department.

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 Mike Thornton - Product Support Specialist

Mike Thornton
product support specialist 

Mike joined Readiness Rounds in 2012 to assist the development and delivery of our custom applications.  His years of experience in data processing and database maintenance helps Mike to maintain the reliability and strong long-term effectiveness Readiness Rounds customers have come to expect.

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Eric Tweedy - Product Support Specialist

Eric Tweedy
product support specialist 

Blinding speed and efficiency describe Eric’s processing prowess. Eric has also assisted in the transition to a completely electronic data aggregation in an effort to maintain an office environment focused on green sustainability.

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Dawn Foster - Product Support Specialist

Dawn Foster
product support specialist 

Dawn joined Readiness Rounds in 2018 adding to a diverse team of professionals to support the needs of hospitals, nurses, and operations personnel that are the life blood of our organization. Her extensive experience in customer service, data processing and operations will continue to provide an excellent experience with the product support team now and into the future.

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LaShea Johnson - PI & Product Manager

LaShea Johnson
Performance improvement & product MANAGER

LaShea began as a data processor and database tester, and has moved into a new and exciting role as our product manager. Her new position consists of product design, technical writing, and project management. Her many and diverse strengths have proven her to be an important asset to the company in such a short time.

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Melisa Lynn - Office Manager 

Melisa Lynn
Accounting/office manager

Melisa serves in several key roles including Human Resources and accounting support. She provides streamlined efficiency to fiscal and operational processes at Readiness Rounds.

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