About Readiness Rounds

Readiness Rounds' platform to drive high reliability in hospitals has developed consistently since 2004.

Don Death - Founder & CEO

Don Death
Founder & CEO

Don is the CEO of Readiness Rounds. He has been deeply involved in all aspects of the development project to build, test, and deploy a high reliability platform for hospitals. Don has more than 35 years of experience in a wide variety of healthcare operations driving patient safety, quality of care, and experience improvements.

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Vice president of sales

Deb has been working in the Healthcare industry for over 20 years in both a Sales capacity and as a Channel Sales Manager; recruiting, training and nurturing reseller partnerships. Her goal is to expand partnerships, increase sales and grow the current client base, while leading a successful and dynamic sales team.

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ansley aiken
product & sales consultant

Ansley has a passion for providing solutions to help people and found the healthcare technology space. She enjoys sharing solutions to help organizations protect the health of their people and identify cost-saving opportunities for better performance and improved patient experience. 

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Luciana Prata

Luciana Prata
Product & Sales Consultant 

  • Luciana is an analytical professional with 12+ years of health industry experience in patient experience, customer relations, and administration.Her expertise is in increasing HCAHPS scores by implementing programs and strategies that improve patient safety, patient satisfaction, and quality of care. She has excellent customer service, people management, and problem-solving skills. She has an amazing ability to remain calm and focused under pressure.

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mindy mcdonald
marketing support manager

Mindy joined the Readiness Rounds Team in August of 2020. With experience in communications and marketing, Mindy is most passionate about strengthening brand identity through the powerful tool of storytelling. She finds it meaningful to engage businesses, organizations, and people to bridge the gap between those who a share common vision to make hospitals safer. 

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