[Webinar Recap] Managing Healthcare Entrances During a Tridemic and Beyond

Learn about emerging best practices for hospitals to manage there entrances for the highest level of protection, efficiency, and experience.

This webinar discusses how efficient an entrance management process can:

  • Improve patient experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Provide the safest possible environment

Check out these 2-minute recaps:

Covid-19: Not the first and not the last

Pandemic history tells us visitor management should be different. Learn about the important considerations at your entrance.


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Patient Experience starts at the entrance

Lack of preparedness and outdated practices put a ceiling on patient experience and overall safety. A hospital must manage through both the best and worst times.


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Return on Investment

Most hospitals have Dark Entrances: little visibility into the quality, quantity, or whereabouts of their visitors. Learn how other hospitals combat this.


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Well ScreenTM (designed for healthcare) is an all-in-one process that automates many of your entry protocols

So that your staff is no longer bogged down, and you know you’re providing the safest possible facility for your patients & staff

The 7-Point Screening Process:

Well Screen 7-Point Check
entrance queue at a hospital using Well Screen check-in process

Learn more about Well ScreenTM

How it works, the benefits to your hospital, see the process in action at one of our client hospitals, plus more free entrance management resources.