Well Screen is the product of the healthcare technology experts, Readiness Rounds.

We are a team that has been exclusively specializing in healthcare safety since 2008. We're a team that  has been exclusively specializing in healthcare high reliability for more than a decade and support over 100 facilities.


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At Readiness Rounds We Focus on High Reliability in Healthcare

We work with our clients to improve patient safety, quality of care & experience using a proven high reliability technology solution.

Well ScreenTM was a natural extension of Readiness Rounds' base of knowledge, experience, expertise, and technology. We developed Well ScreenTM in order to meet the safety and security demands that COVID-19 was creating for our clients.

From there, word of mouth spread, and within a year and a half we had Well ScreenTM systems in place across the nation.

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RR Clients - PortraitReadiness Rounds provides high reliability & safety solutions to hospitals worldwide

We process more than 6.3 MILLION quality observations annually (more than 17,000 daily) providing a depth of resource and insight not previously imaginable to hospitals.


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Improving patient safety, quality of care & experience

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