Well Screen is the product of the healthcare technology experts, Readiness Rounds.

We are a team that has been exclusively specializing in healthcare safety since 2008. We're a team that  has been exclusively specializing in healthcare high reliability for more than a decade and support over 100 facilities.


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At Readiness Rounds We Focus on High Reliability in Healthcare

We work with our clients to improve patient safety, quality of care & experience using a proven high reliability technology solution.

Well ScreenTM was a natural extension of Readiness Rounds' base of knowledge, experience, expertise, and technology. We developed Well ScreenTM in order to meet the safety and security demands that COVID-19 was creating for our clients.

From there, word of mouth spread, and within a year and a half we had Well ScreenTM systems in place across the nation.

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RR Clients - PortraitReadiness Rounds provides high reliability & safety solutions to hospitals worldwide

We process more than 6.3 MILLION quality observations annually (more than 17,000 daily) providing a depth of resource and insight not previously imaginable to hospitals.


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Improving patient safety, quality of care & experience

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Meet the Well Screen & Readiness Rounds team

Readiness Rounds was built on the deep desire to improve healthcare from the patients point of view.

Our number one reason, still to this day, is the patient.

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Happier patients, better HCAHPS scores, efficiently.

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