Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals & Readiness Rounds

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital decreases staff at entrances & increases reliability of entry processes


Madonna's Post-Pandemic Entrance Issues

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital was also greatly impacted by the initial COVID-19 surge. Madonna's response to the pandemic was to diligently manage the entrances with any staff available, just like many hospitals around the country. But doing so meant staff wasn't available for their usual duties. 

Madonna needed to find a solution that would continue to meticulously, yet efficiently, manage its entrances so that they could get their staff back to treating patients.


After Implementing Well ScreenTM's Entrance Solution

Well ScreenTM was able to simultaneously take care of the following issues and needs:

  • A reliable screening process
  • Reduced staff at entry points
  • A solution that was easily customizable
  • A solution that provided hands-on support 

As a bonus, Madonna now uses their daily reports from Well ScreenTM to monitor how many people are coming into the buildings each day.

Lori Terryberry-Spohr, PhD

Director of Rehabilitation Services, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Omaha, NE

"This is a really worthy investment because it will ... pay for itself in terms of staff reduction very quickly & allow you a long-term option to continue that screening process."

Bob Heydon, CIO

Chief Information Officer, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Omaha, NE

“One of the things that stood out about Well Screen was it was very quick. The scanning process: once somebody becomes routine, they can really get through the system in under 10 seconds.”

More Client Wins

East Alabama Health & Well Screen

Entrance staff reduced by more than 60% with Well ScreenTM

The leadership at East Alabama Medical Center was not only able to reduce the number of screening staff at the entrances, but also streamline the process after implementing Well ScreenTM's automated entry system. 

EAMC reported having at least 4+ employees working entrances during peek times post-COVID. Since the deployment of Well ScreenTM, they are now down to 1-2 employees at the entrance at all times.

Shannon Medical Center & Well Screen-1

Visitor management: from slow paper process to automated tracking 

Shannon Medical Center was finally able to begin tracking visitor flow/destination/status, which had not been the case pre-COVID and worsened during the pandemic. They have been able to simplify and automate their entrances with Well ScreenTM's visitor entry management. 

Entrances at Shannon had reportedly been managed by a slow paper process, unable to track visitor numbers and destinations. They now reliably manage visitor flow.


Getting the most out of the Well ScreenTM ecosystem


Reduced Staffing Costs

Averaging a 50% decrease in entrance staffing among all Well Screen clients

Increased Safety

Automations improve monitoring all persons inside facility with notifications/alerts when someone “flags out”

Improved Effective Entry

Ability to manage visiting hours by department or by room

Community Perception

Significant revenue impact upon return to treatments

Employee Perception

Safe environments create direct positive impact on morale

Patient Experience

Maximizing visitations improves mental health & recovery

Decreased Liability

Well designed strategy provides significant protection

Regulatory Reporting

Automated system can report findings, time spent, and allows for contact tracing

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