What if you could comprehensively conduct your entrance management processes?

With rigorous protection protocols all while being sustainable ...

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Why Just Temperature Scanning Isn't Enough

Temperature scanning is a component of your entrance management strategy, but it cannot be your exclusive strategy.

Wellness attestation, visitor management, and the other 11 elements we've identified must also be a part of your strategy to be a secure and safe facility.

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Imagine your facility operating an entrance management protocol that looked like this:

  • Uses an automated, nearly identical check-in process for all who enter the facility

  • Fully integrates into your EHR, and all other software

  • Produces expiring visitor badges

  • Uses one single device or unit at each entrance

  • Provides a  complete screening process including wellness attestation

  • Deploys real-time notifications (text/email) when needed

  • Issues and tracks PPE for employees upon entry

  • Tracks and stores vaccination records for employees, vendors & visitors


In the words of our clients about their entrance protocols as COVID-19 began impacting their facilities…

Do you have similar concerns at your facility?

“We can’t afford to continue managing our entrances with professional staff and we need to cut staffing costs.” 
“We haven’t been able to sustainably manage vaccination status checks.” 
“We’re overwhelmed with the complexity of visitor management since COVID.” 
“We haven’t figured out a thorough safety protocol that is also sustainable.”  
“We need an integrated system to manage multiple processes; visitor management, employee screening, vendor credentialing, remote worker screening, etc.”

Having an integrated system would allow you to track all entrance activity, automatically; in turn reducing your entrance staff by up to 50%

  • Immediately reduce staffing costs, while also freeing up clinical staff
  • Permanently simplifying a complex and non-uniform process
  • Have a streamlined visitor entry process that was faster with text or QR code checkout
  • Be able to fund visitor management as a long-term solution

You want to streamline the entry process, ensure a safe facility, and lower staffing costs...

...that’s why we built Well ScreenTM


Well Screen Pioneering Safe Entry


The patented 7-point screening process that provides swift, easy wellness screening for visitors, with automated tracking throughout their visit.

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Well ScreenTM at your facility

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Here’s what Lori Terryberry-Spohr, Director of Rehabilitation Services at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, had to say about Well ScreenTM:

"This is a really worthy investment because it will ... pay for itself in terms of staff reduction very quickly & allow you a long-term option to continue that screening process."

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Here’s what you get with Well Screen’s Entrance Management System…


Designed, and professionally implemented with your facility's needs, entrances, and current software in mind


Integrations with your current systems will greatly improve the capability and flexibility of your entrance management strategy


Touch-less temperature screening, wellness attestation, and visitor badges (& more) all on one device


Text, email & QR code capabilities for employees, procedures & visitor check-out; along with bigger picture analytics

What makes Well ScreenTM different?

Well ScreenTM is the first comprehensive, integrated system of its kind that streamlines all systems into one swift entry protocol so your facility is checking-in, tracking, and reporting all visitor activity and eliminating the manual staffing burden.

The end result: a safer facility, at a reduced cost, with less entry confusion, and more satisfied visitors and patients overall.

Streamlining Entry Processes

A note from the makers of Well ScreenTM

We are a team of healthcare technology experts who have been exclusively specializing in healthcare safety since 2008.

Well ScreenTM is the solution founded by the healthcare safety leaders, Readiness Rounds.

After spending more than a decade in hospitals around the country (and the world), we’ve had the unique privilege of becoming intimately aware of how healthcare facilities operate and how important safety management has become.

As soon as the COVID pandemic started making headlines in early 2020, our team got to work designing an entrance-specific technology to keep our clients’ frontline workers and patients safe. Since then, we’ve helped over 75 facilities from coast-to-coast provide exceptional safety with the Well ScreenTM visitor management system.

We’re ready to help you manage your entrances too!

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14 Steps to Building an Intelligent Entrance Management Strategy in a Changed World

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