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Does your hospital struggle with any of these entrance management issues?

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Manual Entry Workflow

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Complex Visitor Entry

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Manual Vaccination Checks

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Unsustainable Processes

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Disconnected Systems

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Regulatory Reporting

Well ScreenTM (designed for healthcare) is an all-in-one process that automates many of your entry protocols

So that your staff is no longer bogged down, and you know you’re providing the safest possible facility for your patients & staff

The 7-Point Screening Process:

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The Benefits

  • By streamlining the visitor entry process, you make entry just as fast–if not faster–than pre-COVID.

  • Streamlining all of your entry processes makes them more sustainable and easier to manage and fund long-term.

  • Providing visitors & vendors with uniformly-printed badges with expiry statuses allows for complete digital tracking of who is onsite at all times.

  • Digitizing the entry process allows staff to check in & provide health attestation en-route, clearing up wait times for all.

See How It Works

This two-minute video will show you how the Well ScreenTM Entrance Management system works ↓

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See how Well ScreenTM helped reduce entrance staffing needs at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital


"This is a really worthy investment because it will pay for itself in terms of staff reduction very quickly & allow you a long-term option to continue that screening process."

- Lori Terryberry-Spohr, PhD, Director of Rehabilitation Services

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Entrance staff reduced by more than 60% with Well ScreenTM

The leadership at East Alabama Medical Center reported having at least 4+ employees working entrances during peek times post-COVID. Since the deployment of Well ScreenTM, they are now down to 1-2 employees at the entrance at all times.

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Visitor management: from slow paper process to automated tracking

Shannon Medical Center was finally able to begin tracking visitor flow/destination/status, which had not been the case pre-COVID and worsened during the pandemic. They have been able to simplify and automate their entrances with Well ScreenTM's visitor entry management. 

Well ScreenTM by Readiness Rounds goes far beyond temperature screening with a complete, all-in-one, 7-point checking process that handles all patients, visitors and employees in a systemized, automated process.

We provide a comprehensive solution to entry management, so you don’t have to piece together each element separately, causing confusion for staff, slow entry for patients and visitors, and bloated staffing needs.

  • Fully integrates with: 
    • EHR — Visitor Management/Patient Upload, HL7 
    • SECURITY — Access Control 
    • BADGE ACCESS  — Employees/ Providers/Contractors/Students 
    • PAYROLL — Comparison for Exceptions 
    • HR  — Vaccination Status 
  • Complete, custom installation done for you let the experts get you set up and running within 30 days

Here's how it works:


We come to your hospital to do an initial entrance analysis


We customize the process to your needs, integrate it into your current processes, and set it up and train your staff


Your entry processes move swiftly & effectively; you have access to reporting & ongoing support from us


What our customers are saying

“If you’re considering implementing screening for the long-term … this is something you’re going to consider probably past the pandemic or as a preventative measure for other types of conditions you might be concerned about coming into your system of care; this is a very worthy investment.”

“One of the things that stood out about Well Screen was it was very quick. The scanning process: once somebody becomes routine, they can really get through the system in under 10 seconds.”


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14 Steps to Building an Intelligent Entrance Management Strategy in a Changed World

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