Well Screen Solves Complex Entrance Issues for our Changed World

The pandemic has turned our entrances into a chaotic safety hazard.

Well ScreenTM is the only complete safety solution:

⟶  Thorough Screening (The patented 7-point check)
⟶  Completely Automated (Goodbye manual processes)
⟶  Fully Customizable (Onsite implementation & integration)

Sustainably increasing safety while decreasing costs.

Visitor in Waiting Room at Well Screen station

The Well ScreenTM Technology

Well Screen Pioneering Safe Entry

The patented 7-point screening process that provides swift, easy wellness screening for visitors, with automated tracking throughout their visit.

Well Screen 7-Point Check

See How It Works

This two-minute video will show you how the Well ScreenTM Entrance Management system works ↓

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

See How Well ScreenTM Helped Reduce Entrance Staffing Needs at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

"This is a really worthy investment because it will ... pay for itself in terms of staff reduction very quickly & allow you a long-term option to continue that screening process."

- Lori Terryberry-Spohr, PhD

Director of Rehabilitation Services

Below are the 3 most common issues our clients face

Is your facility struggling with any of these?

Hospital Visitor

“We’re overwhelmed with the complexity of visitor management since COVID”

By streamlining the visitor entry process, you can make it just as fast – if not faster – than pre-COVID.

Sustainable Entry Processes

“We haven’t figured out a thorough safety protocol that is also sustainable”

Streamlining all of your entry processes makes them more sustainable and easier to manage and fund long-term.

Automate Your Entry Protocol

“We haven’t been able to sustainably manage vaccination status checks”

By creating an automatic vaccination status check, you simplify a complex and non-uniform process.


Solving every one of your entry issues...


  • Manual Entry Workflow

  • Complex Visitor Entry

  • Manual Vax Check

  • Unsustainable Processes

  • Disconnected Systems

  • Regulatory Reporting

Automate Your Entry Protocol

Automating Your Entry Protocol

By automating your current manual entry process, you immediately reduce staffing costs while also freeing up professional staff.

Integrate All Entry Processes

Streamlining Your Visitor Entry Process

By streamlining the visitor entry process, you make it just as fast – if not faster – than pre-COVID (i.e. using text or QR code checkout).

Streamline Your Visitor Entry Process

Automating Your Vaccination Checking Process

By creating an automatic vaccination status check, you simplify a complex and non-uniform process.

Sustainable Entry Processes

Creating a Sustainable Facility-Wide Entry Process

By streamlining all of your entry processes, the more sustainable it becomes to manage and fund long-term.

Integrating All Entry Processes

Fully Integrating All Entry Processes

By allowing the flexibility to integrate our system with yours, you aren’t met with the overwhelming task of replacing all processes and retraining all staff.

Improving Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Improving Your Regulatory Compliance Reporting

By integrating a system-wide screening that can integrate the collected data into your current records, reporting the data becomes simple.

What makes Well ScreenTM different?

  • The only entry management protocol that has a thorough 7-point screening process AND is completely automated
  • Fully integrates with: 
    • EHR — Visitor Management/Patient Upload, HL7 
    • SECURITY — Access Control 
    • BADGE ACCESS  — Employees/ Providers/Contractors/Students 
    • PAYROLL — Comparison for Exceptions 
    • HR  — Vaccination Status 
  • Complete, custom installation done for you let the experts get you set up and running within 30 days
  • Ongoing dedicated support call one number and a human (that can help you) will answer!
  • Know that you're in good hands with a company that has provided healthcare safety technology for over 14 years

What our customers are saying

“If you’re considering implementing screening for the long-term … this is something you’re going to consider probably past the pandemic or as a preventative measure for other types of conditions you might be concerned about coming into your system of care; this is a very worthy investment.”

“One of the things that stood out about Well Screen was it was very quick. The scanning process: once somebody becomes routine, they can really get through the system in under 10 seconds.”


See if a safer entrance management strategy could help at your facility... 

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Resources to keep you moving forward

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Well Screen Vaccination Verification Guide-min

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