What if you could be seamlessly managing your visitor process by next month?

While reducing staffing costs and increasing efficiency...

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What if a month from now your facility’s visitor management process looked like this:

  • A fully automated check-in process

  • Intuitive for anyone to use

  • Tracks all visitors’ destinations

  • Clinical staff are back to their specialty areas

  • With reduced staffing costs/FTEs

  • Automated visitor analytic reports

  • Overall increased facility safety

  • Improved visitor and patient satisfaction

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You know that in order to keep your staff, patients, and visitors safe, you need a visitor management system…

Our clients came to us with concerns like these:

“We can’t afford to continue managing our entrances with professional staff and we need to cut staffing costs.” 
“We haven’t been able to sustainably manage vaccination status checks.” 
“We’re overwhelmed with the complexity of visitor management since COVID.” 
“We haven’t figured out a thorough safety protocol that is also sustainable.”  
“We need an integrated system to manage multiple processes; visitor management, employee screening, vendor credentialing, remote worker screening, etc.”

Having an integrated system would allow you to track all visitor activity, automatically; in turn reducing your entrance staff by 50%

  • You would immediately reduce staffing costs, while also freeing up clinical staff
  • You would permanently simplify a complex and non-uniform process
  • You would have a streamlined visitor entry process that was faster with text or QR code checkout
  • You would be able to fund visitor management as a long-term solution

You want to streamline the visitor entry process, that’s why we built Well ScreenTM


Well Screen Pioneering Safe Entry

The patented 7-point screening process that provides swift, easy wellness screening for visitors, with automated tracking throughout their visit.

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Well ScreenTM at your facility

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Here’s what Bob Heydon, Chief Information Officer at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital had to say about Well ScreenTM:

“One of the things that stood out about Well Screen was it was very quick. The scanning process: once somebody becomes routine, they can really get through the system in under 10 seconds.”

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Here’s what you get with Well Screen’s Visitor Management System…

  • Automation is Everything

  • Intelligent Screening

  • All-in-One Software

  • Smart Technology

Benefits of automation go far beyond checking in visitors

Well ScreenTM is an automated system which includes equipment to manage each of your entrances. Beyond the front door, the automations allow for more accurate, real-time information about guest count, individual destinations, and other statuses. The benefits of automation go a step further with analytical reporting, offering the ability to track improvements over time. 

…So that you can feel confident your facility and visitors are being protected.

Most technologically advanced temperature screening software

During the check-in process we've observed that there were two major shortcomings with temperature screening: 1.  Manual temperature readings (of various kinds) lack accuracy, and 2. Even automated  temperature reading software lacked accuracy due to the inability to identify just one person at a time to scan.

Well ScreenTM employs a touchless, individual temperature scanner, eliminating device inaccuracy.

... So that you can be certain of your system's results and the visitor entry process remains quick, and automated.

Best-in-class software that performs a wide variety of functions in various situations

Well ScreenTM's advanced software employs the following functions:

  • Prints an expiring visitor badge - adding another layer of security
  • Allows for smart check-out via text message or QR code
  • Tracks all visiting hours across all departments
  • Supports emergency evacuation
  • Has capability to integrate with any current softwares and programs 

…so that every type of visitor is systematically tracked, offering the most amount of control over security as possible.

The ability to easily sustain vaccination records on everyone entering the facility

Well ScreenTM's automated vaccination verification is built into the all-in-one software used by visitors during entry. After an entrant attests to being vaccinated, the system should exclude the question from the attestation during future entries. Once their status is recorded as 'vaccinated', it's stored for subsequent visits.

…so that visitor entry satisfaction becomes a byproduct of a smart system.

What makes Well ScreenTM different?

Well ScreenTM is the first comprehensive, integrated system of its kind that streamlines all systems into one swift entry protocol so your facility is checking-in, tracking, and reporting all visitor activity and eliminating the manual staffing burden.

The end result: a safer facility, at a reduced cost, with less entry confusion, and more satisfied visitors and patients overall.

Streamlining Entry Processes

A note from the makers of Well ScreenTM

We are a team of healthcare technology experts who have been exclusively specializing in healthcare safety since 2008.

Well ScreenTM is the solution founded by the healthcare safety leaders, Readiness Rounds.

After spending more than a decade in hospitals around the country (and the world), we’ve had the unique privilege of becoming intimately aware of how healthcare facilities operate and how important safety management has become.

As soon as the COVID pandemic started making headlines in early 2020, our team got to work designing an entrance-specific technology to keep our clients’ frontline workers and patients safe. Since then, we’ve helped over 75 facilities from coast-to-coast provide exceptional safety with the Well ScreenTM visitor management system.

We’re ready to help you manage your entrances too!

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We’re ready when you are.

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