Get a quick glimpse at Readiness Rounds' digital Executive Rounding tool

Gathering feedback and ensuring that any operational issues are quickly addressed with routine checking using Readiness Rounds' more-than-just-rounding digital platform.

  • Streamline your executive rounding checks to a ensure sustainability and improve staff communication and morale

  • Scheduled sessions for senior team with every department in the hospital automated to eliminate administrative complexity

  • Quickly respond to any identified issues with real-time notifications

  • Aggregate rounding data to provide senior team with immediate improvement priorities

What's included:
These downloads are a snapshot of the data rounding tool which is only a small piece of our overall solution for each client. Each example shows a few questions from a checklist, please let us know if you'd like access to the full question library.

Digital Rounding & Hospital Performance Improvement

Not Just a Rounding Tool


A robust digital data collection tool allows our clients to easily compile and analyze quality data for performance improvement, compliance, high reliability efforts.


With proactive, continuous checking, regulation compliance becomes a byproduct; eliminating the 'ramp up' time before a survey.


Save time and effort by using the automatically generated PI intel. Begin performance improvement efforts immediately.


Have instant access to any failed item and when/where/who/why it failed. Transparency and accountability is essential, but often lacking.


A methodology to support High Reliability efforts

Whether it is moving the organization towards High Reliability or simply reacting to HAC fines, healthcare organizations often need a way to improve reliability.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Implementing optimized processes
  • Building a culture of reliability
  • Utilizing tools to leverage healthcare workers’ potential to provide improvement
Readiness Rounds High Reliability Rounding Software-1

Executive Leadership Rounding Must Haves



The 17 Proven Strategies to Improve Patient Satisfaction & Experience

  • Effective Vs. Ineffective Patient Care Improvement Strategies
  • The Effectiveness of Real Time™ Corrective Action
  • Fundamental Principles in the Pursuit of Patient Satisfaction
SUNY Downstate Medical Center & Well Screen-1
Bassett Health Network & Well Screen
White Plains Hospital & Well Screen-1