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The 8-Step Program to Becoming CAUTI-Free

Since 2014 only slight improvements have been reported each year. So, what is causing this CAUTI epidemic?


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It is well known in the healthcare community that a catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) is one of the most common infections a patient can contract in the hospital[1] and, due to the payment penalties and non-reimbursable costs associated with them, one of the most common issues healthcare facilities are seeking to improve.

cauti infographic 1It has been estimated that each year, more than 13,000 deaths are associated with CAUTIs[3] Each CAUTI is associated with the medical cost of $758 and over $340 million spent in health care is attributable to the incidents of CAUTI in the U.S. each year.[4]  

Since 2014 only slight improvements have been reported each year. So, what is causing this CAUTI epidemic? Some systemic causes may be:

• Manual CAUTI Inspection

• Lack of Nursing Empowerment

• Not Tracking CAUTI Rates

• Manual Data Reporting & Analysis

Does this mean that the CAUTI rate is the best it can be?

We don't believe so. In fact, we have put together an 8-Step Program that has produced impressive results.  Below is an overview.

Gather Data (1)-2

Download The 8-Step Program to Becoming CAUTI-FREE ebook to put your facility on the path to being CAUTI free!New call-to-action--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[1] Elpern, E. R. (2018). Prevention of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in Adults. CriticalCareNurse, 9-11.

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[4] CDC. (2017). Hospital Safety Grade.

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