Readiness Rounds is an expert team dedicated to hospital high reliability

Supporting performance improvement, instilling a culture of safety, and creating a high reliability environment

Our mission is to help hospitals in their pursuit of:

  • Zero Harm

  • Five Star performance 

  • Sustainable Performance Improvement

  • Regulatory Compliance

Readiness Rounds & Well Screen

The Readiness Rounds High Reliability Approach is a Multifaceted Solution 

Patient Satisfaction & Experience

High Tech and High Touch approach to improving and sustaining patient experience

Patient Safety & Clinical Quality

Improving safety outcomes while significantly reducing nursing effort

Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance

Efficiently manage regulatory requirements by dramatically streamlining the gathering, aggregating, and reporting of data

 Infection Prevention

Reduce and prevent HAIs & HACs

Environmental Health & Safety (EOC)

Provide a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors

Huntsville Hospital
US Department of Veterans Affairs

Deploying High Reliability

White Plains Hospital Institutes a High Reliability Approach with 5-Star Outcomes

Montefiore Health's Environmental Health & Safety High Reliability Solution


What our clients are saying

“The use of this platform has resulted in a significant increase in staff productivity plus availability for other projects, significant reduction in time for staff data reporting, and significant increase in system-wide management engagement and responsiveness to non-compliant items. This time has also allowed the EH&S Department to focus on wide ranging, system-wide issues including a tenfold reduction in city agency violations, interdisciplinary efforts to increase HCAHPS and Press Ganey scores, and integration of Environmental Health and Safety programs to the over 300 off-site locations.”

We work inside hospitals in a department-wide capacity and in each of these areas individually:


Consistent observation of nursing practices, interviewing staff for knowledge, and developing improvement strategies in order to improve clinical quality and patient safety

Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance

Streamlining all rounding efforts and checklists and associating the results with the appropriate regulatory authority in order to provide an “at-a-glance” view of compliance

Patient Satisfaction & Experience

Offering a system that allows patient satisfaction to be handled during the continuum of care, instead of learning about their dissatisfaction after care in order to provide exceptional experiences, improve HCAHPS scores and word-of-mouth reputation


Proactively checking the standard Environment of Care roundings in both clinical and non-clinical areas in order to provide a safe and secure hospital environment

Infection Prevention

Providing a streamlined process to ensure that key elements of the care process are consistently in place throughout the hospital in order to prevent threats to patient safety

The Readiness Rounds Difference?

  • System-wide approach to checking & improving

  • Built-in performance improvement-focused reporting

  • Ongoing, monthly consulting with a dedicated Readiness Rounds’ account manager

  • Platform that’s both integrated into your current platforms & processes and custom-built for you

Readiness Rounds Resources

Because our mission is zero harm and exceptional care, our digital rounding platform goes far being checking…

Included in the Readiness Rounds’ approach is:

  • Automatic data aggregation of your regular digital rounding results so that we can…

  • Provide you with a monthly ‘Top 10 FaillingTM’s report - our approach to highlighting your biggest areas of improvement so that you can…

  • Partner with your one-on-one, dedicated Readiness Rounds account manager to make sense of your data and to prioritize your improvement efforts
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