Fire Drills and Digital Checklists


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Still doing your Fire Drills on paper?


When overseeing and conducting your hospital's fire drills, have you ever thought, “There has got to be a tool for this?”

While pagers may still (somehow) be a relevant tool while working in a hospital, there are hi-tech solutions that utilize the marvel of current mobile technology, with hospital Facility, Safety, and Emergency managers in mind. Over the last few years, multiple companies have developed programs that allow you to use your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, etc.) to conduct Environment of Care rounds, ILSM monitoring or, in this case, schedule, to streamline and automate the documentation of all your required fire drills.



The 6 musts of digital fire drill checklists:

  • Must be usable on multiple mobile formats: iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, workstation, workstation on wheels and even in hard copy form, if supplying mobile devices looks to be an additional challenge for the organization.
  • It must be easily navigable and provide an intuitive user experience.  This is critical for easy use within the organization.
  • The content must be customizable. All hospitals are presented with their own challenges and needs.
  • It must include a closed-loop type follow-up system to automatically notify department managers or other Healthcare employees of potential issues.
  • Fire drill checklists must have the potential to be both scheduled and deployed on-the-fly.
  • It must include data aggregation for use in understanding the areas most in need of improvement, the application of which may be used for Performance Improvement, and not just documentation.





Readiness Rounds has created a checklist that encompasses all of the features above. Download a sample Fire Drill Checklist below, or any of our other Operational Quality checklists available on our website to help your hospital improve its Quality of Care and Patient Safety and Experience. If the Fire Drill Checklist caught your eye, there’s a good chance you will be interested in our rounding solutions for Environment of Care, ILSM, PCRA or ICRA.

Download Our Sample Fire Drill Checklist





The Readiness Rounds web application allows you to perform fire drill checklists quickly and accurately. Download a sample of the content in the link below.

Download Our Sample Fire Drill Checklist

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