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The Solution to Healthcare's Hemorrhaging Costs of CAUTI & CLABSI

The Hemorrhaging Costs of CAUTI & CLABSI in Healthcare.




Some Frightening Statistics About CLABSIs & CAUTIs

  • 1.7 Million Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) a year
  • 99,000 Patient deaths per year due to HAIs
  • $96 – 147 Billion excess medical costs per year from HAIs


CAUTI & CLABSI are today’s HAI buzzwords. 

Much discussion has revolved around taking action on reducing these types of HAI incidents from a patient safety and quality of care standpoint, but what about the financial burdens?

CAUTI CLABSI(Image Courtesy of The Joint Commission)

Quick CAUTI Facts

(Catheter-Acquired UTIs) are the most common type of HAI – 30% of all reported acute care infections, and attributed to approximately 13,000 preventable deaths annually.

A single HAI incident will extend a patient’s stay an additional 2-4 days (or longer if dealing with secondary infections or other comorbidities).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a 6% increase in the incident of CAUTI between 2008 and 2013. 

These extended stays are costing hospitals $500 million each year, and can cost an individual hospital upwards of $1,000 per patient. Download a sample CAUTI checklist.

Quick CLABSI Facts

(Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection) are the most costly type of HAI.

R. Douglas Scott, an economist working in conjunction with the CDC reported in 2009 that there were an estimated 41,000 cases nationwide. (4)

Costing each hospital an average of $45,800 per patient per episode (with a significant increase in cost should MRSA or VRE be the causative organism).

Although these types of infections are only 14% of all HAIs, their cost implications make up 36% of total excess costs in U.S. hospitals.

Fortunately the overall numbers of incidences have decreased 46% since 2008 (5), but efforts will need to continue in order to ultimately eliminate this costly HAI. Download a sample CLABSI checklist. 

Hospital Acquired Infections

You can no longer afford to overlook what CAUTI & CLABSI are costing YOUR hospital.

Readiness Rounds checklists can help you to eliminate HAIs and increase your bottom line!



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