Visitor & Entrance Management

Creating a Culture of Safety Starts at Your Entrance

Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are implementing or upgrading their visitor and entry management systems.

Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are implementing or upgrading their entrance management systems to safeguard people and enhance aspects of the check-in process.

In fact, staff, patients, visitors and vendors expect there to be precautionary health and safety protocols in place at entrances. These protocols are the cornerstone of creating a culture of safety.

It’s become clear that manually administering these protocols or using disparate entrance management solutions is a drain on staff and resources, as well as a problem where time and confidentiality are concerned. It’s also evident that the right solution plays a critical role in HIPAA regulation compliance, safe patient handling and minimizing risk of illness and disease spread.

For healthcare facilities today that are committed to a culture of safety and being compliant, implementing a full-scale, customizable, fully automated entrance management system, such as Well Screen, is critical.

Well Screen bundles:

• Access systems for employees, patients and visitors
• Customizable symptom screening for your facility
• Critical PPE Management
• Real-time reporting

Well Screen not only automates entrance management, but also quickly completes the check-in and visitor badge.

The Importance of Visitor Badges in Your Culture of Safety

When visitors enter your healthcare facility, your entrance management solution should also include a visitor badge printer. For optimal security and protection, visitor badges should display name, photo, destination, time, date and visual expiration.

Well Screen’s visitor badge printers customize badges with your facility’s logo and the visitor’s photo, along with any barcodes, text and numeric values needed for security and regulation.

On-demand printed badges assist with managing visitors by helping:

• Control visitor access points
• Minimize fraudulent use
• Restrict access to sensitive and hazardous areas containing medicine and equipment
• Protect your vulnerable patients by knowing who has entered your facility

Well Screen uses an expiring badge in which a built-in color-sensitive sticker is placed. Within a 24-hour period the built-in sticker turns red as a visual notification of expired visiting hours, adding another layer of safety to managing your entrances and visitors.

Example of Well Screen badge

An Entrance Management System is a Visual Emblem of Your Commitment to a Culture of Safety

While COVID-19 ushered in an era of entrance management unlike anything we’ve seen since air travel screenings after 9/11, a fully automated and comprehensive solution is needed to keep staff, patients and visitors safe without the need to completely halt people who enter your facility.

A culture of safety is one in which everyone is protected as best as technology allows and doesn’t underestimate the power of visiting loved ones.

Rigorous infectious disease management is the new operational reality. Monitoring people prior to entering your healthcare facility is the new normal.

Today, it’s no longer a question of if you need an entrance management system, but rather which one.

Significantly enhanced entrance management systems designed to protect people entering healthcare facilities are here to stay.

Well Screen automates the most important protocols, so when the next virus comes, you will be ready and your culture of safety in place.

Schedule a free call to discuss Well Screen's ability to help your entrance management needs.


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