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Guaranteed Outcomes for Hospital High Reliability Approach

The High Reliability Approach, that when implemented system-wide, can and will improve your hospital's main performance outcomes.

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Readiness Rounds has spent the last ten years working one-on-one with clients, coaching them on high reliability methodology. We have built an all-inclusive methodology that when implemented system-wide can and will improve a hospital's main performance outcomes, for such things as CMS and HCAHPS star levels, readmission rates, survey findings, and more. In fact, as your high reliability partner, we guarantee improvement. 

The high reliability model is thorough and comprehensive, allowing guarantees to be made. In the event that improvement of critical metrics is not made, Readiness Rounds assumes a direct decrease in annual fees.

Let's take a look at a case study: White Plains Hospital Pioneers High Reliability Methodology

Over the course of a five year partnership, Readiness Rounds guarantees the following 6 performance outcomes, with the actual data from White Plains Hospital's improvement:

White Plains Hospital Guaranteed Outcomes

  1. HCAHPS Star Rating - an increase from 4 to 5 stars

  2. CMS Star Rating - and increase from 3 to 5 stars

  3. Readmission Rate - a 25% improvement

  4. HAC Rate - a 23% improvement 

  5. VBP Score - a 30% improvement

  6. TJC Findings - a 20% reduction

With a dedicated onsite director, White Plains Hospital, one of the highest performing systems in the state of New York, has begun streamlining existing processes by consolidating a wide variety of applications into a single platform.

Additionally, they are gaining transparency so that staff and management at all levels have access to and can act upon improvement efforts.

Readiness Rounds provides a full-time onsite High Reliability Director who supports White Plains Hospital in developing, deploying, and sustaining all aspects of the platform.

The consistent preoccupation on performance improvement is the cornerstone of this high reliability solution. 

Read more about the White Plains Hospital / Readiness Rounds partnership here.

White Plains Hospital High Reliability Case Study
Would you like to see how the guarantee model may help improve your outcomes? We offer free consultations to see how we can work together to achieve your goals. Book a free consultation now.

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