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Healthcare Associated Infections Monitored on a Nationwide Scale

Population-based harm from Healthcare Associated Infections [HAI's] will be monitored on a nationwide scale.

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In October 2016, using data from the calendar year 2015, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced new targets for the national acute care hospital metrics for the National Action Plan to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infections: Road Map to Elimination (HAI Action Plan).

Population-based harm from HAIs will be monitored on a nationwide scale.

The new HAI goals

With a 2020 target date for achievement, are as follows:


It is a common contention in the medical industry that today’s knowledge is often obsolete by tomorrow. 

Understanding which research is reliable, properly evaluating evidence, and determining which clinical research results are most applicable to a specific circumstance are all time-consuming and potentially treacherous if exercised incorrectly. 

Yet, in order to achieve a reduction of the 700,000+ serious infections acquired in hospitals each year, of which approximately 75,000 result in death, aggressive action is necessary.

The Readiness Rounds High Reliability platform supports the reduction in healthcare associated infections (HAI) by providing a streamlined process to ensure that key elements of the care process are consistently in place throughout the hospital.

While the documentation of care remains a critical element, the vast majority of the Readiness Rounds' approach is to enable systematic observation of actual nursing practices and infection prevention and control practices.

This effort, combined with built-in, ongoing education, is designed to improve and sustain results. 

Checklists for CAUTI, CLABSI, and other infection-related issues help reduce time, effort, and error, allowing your organization to achieve the HHS goals and enhance your reputation.  Let us show you what we can do for you.

Your facility is currently doing the best it can, but there are probably a few things you'd still like to improve. That's where we excel - bringing all the pieces together. Leave us a message below or contact us to see where your facility is at. 

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