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INFOGRAPHIC - 4 High Reliability Musts in Healthcare

What does it mean to be a High Reliability Organization in healthcare today?


We all know that teamwork, a culture of safety and successful EHR adoption are required to achieve High Reliability in hospitals - which is made only possible with tremendous effort.

But there is a critical missing piece. How do we measure, continually improve and sustain patient safety, quality of care and patient satisfaction results? Learn how with this infographic. 

4 High Reliability Musts in Healthcare


What it means to be a High Reliability Organization in hospitals today:

"Despite serious widespread efforts to improve the quality of healthcare, many patients still suffer preventable harm everyday. Hospitals find improvement difficult to sustain, and the suffer "project fatigue" because so many problems need attention. No hospitals or health systems have achieved consistent excellence throughout their institutions." 

- Mark R. Chassin & Jerod M. Loch, The Join Commission

High Reliability Defined:

An organization or system that operates in hazardous conditions by consistently maintaining high performance, sustained over time resulting in fewer than their expected share of adverse events.

The Goal of HRO is Hospitals:

Move From: Regulatory Compliance Focused

Much of current hospital quality efforts are wrapped in a mindset that ramps up to achieve regulatory compliance periodically.

Move To: Doing the Right Thing All the Time

A constant state of proactive, sustainable, high-quality patient safety, quality of care and experience. Regulatory compliance becomes a simple byproduct of daily operations.

The 4 Musts for Hospital HRO:

#1. Teamwork

Replacing traditional hierarchical structure to include participation of employees at all levels.

#2. Culture of Safety

"Collective mindfulness" encourages all workers to look for and report problems or unsafe conditions.

#3. EHR - Electronic Health Record

Helping providers more effectively diagnose patients, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care.

A list of resources for steps #1-3:

The #4. Must for Hospital HRO: Process Improvement Platform

Achieve Actual ROI with These Top 10 Benefits of a Process Improvement Platform:

  1. Generate capacity by streamlining current work processes.
  2. Increase patient satisfaction and experience, thereby increase HCAHPS scores.
  3. Reduce readmissions.
  4. Accelerate the performance improvement process.
  5. Reduce HACs, HAIs, and adverse events.
  6. Improve reputation via enhancements in quality of care and patient experience.
  7. Reduce survey preparation costs.
  8. Improve Value Based Purchasing scores.
  9. Reduce insurance rates.
  10. Streamline the response to regulatory bodies by providing compliance data and improvement efforts.

Readiness Rounds is Leading the Hospital HRO Curve:

Readiness Rounds in the process improvement platform that helps hospitals measure, continually improve, and sustain Patient Safety, Quality of Care, and Patient Satisfaction results--a critical piece on the path to high reliability.

Readiness Rounds Process Improvement Platform Capabilities:

  1. Secure, electronic, cloud-based system.
  2. Available on any mobile device, desktop, WOW, and hardcopy.
  3. Real-time results: identify, assign, and track issues on the spot.
  4. Closed-loop follow-up system enables issues to be resolved, preventing unintentional neglect.
  5. Real-time dashboard reporting: built for performance improvement prioritization.
  6. Filtering of quality observations to identify high-failing items.
  7. Extensive library of rounding checklists templates.
  8. Customizable, scalable.
  9. Linked to regulatory standards (TJC, CMS, DNV, HFAP, etc.)

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