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Infographic: The Patient Wish List

"What are the most common pieces of feedback we hear when patients send us letters or complete their surveys?"

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The 10 Essentials for Exceptional Patient Care

"What are the most common pieces of feedback we hear when patients send us letters or complete their surveys?"

How we are treated by others impacts how welcome we feel. In Healthcare, how welcoming we are to a patient establishes trust and can affect the outcome of healing. This ability to heal with 'human medicine' is the cornerstone of patient satisfaction and experience.

Johns Hopkins' Dr. Peter Pronovost and Jane Hill were posed the above question, and collaborated to find the answers. After compiling a list of a Patient's Top Ten List, U.S. News reported on their findings in October 2015.

Lisa Allen, Chief Patient Experience Officer for Johns Hopkins, presented the list written in the patient's voice, hoping to drive home the importance of the patient's impressions. Allen says, "They are asking us to treat them as a person, with caring and empathy."

patient satisfaction wish list infographic

The 10 Essentials for Exceptional Patient Care

#1. Let me sleep

Unless critical, no blood drawn or tests during the night.


#2. Keep the noise down

Minimize all ambient noise and conversations, and turn off electronics.


#3. Don't lose my belongings

Inventory belongings, labeled with name and medical record number.


#4. Knock first

Knock, introduce yourself, shake hands or make eye contact.


#5. Keep my white board current

To give quick reference to my daily care plan and who is caring for me.


#6. Keep me updated

Please keep me and my family updated, especially of delays.


#7. Keep my room clean

Introduce yourself and please clean everyday, especially the restroom.


#8. Listen to me

Use plain language and confirm that I understand your statements.


#9. Orient me to my room

Reference important things, how to work the TV and the changing of linens.


#10. Please be professional

An employee is a representative of the hospital at all times.


Dr. Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, is the director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Jane Hill is Johns Hopkins’ Patient Relations Director. 

patient satisfaction wish list graphic


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