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[Press] The Power of Well Screen’s Automated Entrance Management

“This opens the door for screening remote healthcare staff, as the mobile application doesn’t require scanning badges at a physical station,” says CEO

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The Power of Well Screen’s Automated Entrance Management System Goes Mobile for Online Screenings and Check-ins

November 19, 2021, Eudora, Ks.—Well Screen, the entrance management technology used to screen 10 million staff and visitors per year by hospitals and healthcare systems on-site is now available via a mobile application.

The mobile version makes it possible for healthcare organizations of all sizes to manage and screen those who enter their facilities prior to their arrival, and also those who work remotely; offering convenience and efficiency.


Stop Disease Spread with Well Screen Mobile

When healthcare facilities protect people entering their buildings, they also improve their quality of care and patient experience.

Having a process for entrance management and symptom screening is the new normal, but there is no doubt that with staff shortages and fatigued employees, improved screening processes will lead to better care and greater employee satisfaction.

With Well Screen mobile, employees and providers can skip the check-in line at the door, resulting in much-needed operational efficiencies and saved time without sacrificing safety. 


How Well Screen Works

Staff will be asked a few questions on Well Screen’s mobile app, and the answers will be recorded and visible.

Questions are intuitive and can be customized to the organization’s needs. For example, if someone answers YES to having been fully vaccinated for more than 14 days, that question will not be repeated.

Well Screen mobile also:

  • Records temperature and symptom attestations 
  • Verifies vaccination status
  • Sends real-time alerts for employees who are flagged
  • Gives access to dashboards with detailed data on who entered the facility
  • Provides facilities with options for sharing with surveyors if needed


Extend Screening Beyond the Entrance Door

Not all healthcare facilities require a physical check-in at a location and remote workers still need to screen.

Well Screen mobile makes it possible to record, track and check employees in those environments, such as home health, hospice, offsite clinics, etc.

“This opens the door for screening remote healthcare staff, as the mobile application doesn’t require scanning badges at a physical station,” says Don Death, Well Screen CEO. 


About Readiness Rounds, Creator of Well Screen

Founded in 2008, Readiness Rounds provides a high-reliability performance improvement solution for hospitals and healthcare systems that improves patient safety, quality of care and patient experience.

The company leveraged its existing technology in response to COVID-19, with Well Screen™ Comprehensive Entrance Protocol System that screens for disease upon entrance, eliminating touchpoints that allow viruses to spread and replacing them with processes that work better and faster.

Well Screen™ integrates touchless temperature scans, question-based wellness screening, employee badge scanning, visitor and vendor management, PPE supply management, vaccination verification, and is now available in mobile application format.

Visit the Well Screen website for more information.

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