How We'll Support You

By giving you the tools & support to consistently & efficiently achieve improvement initiatives in your hospital

Paper processes and a myriad of tech that doesn’t work together lends to an almost impossible environment for improvement

  • How can you know what’s not working and what issues are recurring?

  • How can you ensure patient safety & satisfaction without swift, actionable options?

  • How can you improve overall if there’s no way to aggregate all of the data in order to find the patterns?

  • How can you know if improvement initiatives are working if you can’t track & analyze the data?
Doctor holding clipboard with elderly lady lying in hospital bed

Readiness Rounds solves...

 • the cumbersome paper processes by digitizing everything

 • the inability to address real time issues by creating automatic corrective notifications

 • the lack of transparency by collecting, analyzing, and aggregating all data in real time

Our approach is a suite of services designed to work together

Entrance Management (WellscreenTM)

Protect your patients & staff with a post-pandemic hospital entrance management approach

Patient Satisfaction & Experience

Improve your patients' experience with a comprehensive approach to their care

Patient Safety & Clinical Quality

Achieve exceptional safety with a thorough & proactive checking approach


Efficiently manage regulatory requirements by dramatically streamlining the gathering, aggregating, and reporting of data

Hospital High Reliability

Work towards a zero harm status by utilizing a robust performance improvement approach

Infection Prevention

Reduce and ultimately prevent HAIs by observing actual nursing practices & infection prevention practices

Environmental Health & Safety (EOC)

Provide a safe environment (in clinical & non-clinical areas) & mitigate risk with a closed-loop follow up process

Comprehensive Service Features

Comprehensive, all-in-one process

Integrating current systems and platforms. Funneling all data into one reporting system, so that performance improvement is easily identifiable and actionable.

Built-in notifications for corrective actions

Automatically pinging the right person/department to address an issue in real time, so that safety & patient experience never take a bake seat, even for a minute.

All digital, all connected

Removing cumbersome manual processes, both rounding and the analysis of the rounding data, so that staff & management time is used as efficiently as possible.

Service that includes a dedicated account manager

An implementation and performance improvement expert who knows your hospital intimately, so that you are never left figuring it all out for yourself.

Prioritizing performance improvement

Collecting every data point and automatically analyzing it for patterns, so that leadership has a black & white go-to answer for what needs improvement.

All major accreditor regulations built-in

All checklists satisfy all regulatory bodies and we’ve built specific reports for each regulatory agency, so that you are prepared with data, at any given moment.


Pioneering High Reliability

White Plains Hospital deploys a High Reliability approach.

See how White Plains Hospital implements is pioneering the Readiness Rounds  country's first system-wide High Reliability solution

Montefiore Health's Environmental Health & Safety High Reliability Solution

See how Montefiore was able to streamline reliability, corrective action, performance improvement and regulatory results.

The Readiness Rounds Difference?

  • Healthcare Specialists

  • High Reliability Platform

  • Dedicated Support Manager

  • Performance Improvement Focussed

  • Best Practice Templates

  • Automated Dashboards

  • Regulatory Compliance Support

Readiness Rounds Team

Here's how it works:



We come to your hospital to do an initial analysis of current processes



We customize our approach & platform to your needs, integrate it into your current resources, and set it up and train your staff



Watch as data collected via the Readiness Rounds platform is transformed into performance improvement initiatives so you can continue to sustain your hospital’s strengths and improve on the weaknesses

Safer hospital, happier patients, higher quality of care with efficiency.

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