Get a quick glimpse at Readiness Rounds' digital Fire Drill rounding tool

Conduct mandated fire drills using Readiness Rounds' more-than-just-rounding digital platform.

  • Streamline your manual scheduling & paper-based checks to a digital interface

  • Conduct scheduled drills and providing engineering/safety management with an electronic process in order to eliminate the complexity associated with meeting mandated frequencies

  • Instantly document results of fire drills with real-time notifications

  • Aggregate data to address any shortfalls identified, improving safety and regulatory compliance

What's included:
These downloads are a snapshot of the data rounding tool which is only a small piece of our overall solution for each client. Each example shows a few questions from a checklist, please let us know if you'd like access to the full question library.

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Not Just a Rounding Tool

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A robust digital data collection tool allows our clients to easily compile and analyze quality data for performance improvement, compliance, high reliability efforts.

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With proactive, continuous checking, regulation compliance becomes a byproduct; eliminating the 'ramp up' time before a survey.

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Save time and effort by using the automatically generated PI intel. Begin performance improvement efforts immediately.

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Have instant access to any failed item and when/where/who/why it failed. Transparency and accountability is essential, but often lacking.


A methodology to support High Reliability efforts

Whether it is moving the organization towards High Reliability or simply reacting to HAC fines, healthcare organizations often need a way to improve reliability.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Implementing optimized processes
  • Building a culture of reliability
  • Utilizing tools to leverage healthcare workers’ potential to provide improvement
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Fire Drills and Digital Checklists

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Montefiore EHS Provides Framework for System-Wide High Reliability Deployment

We'll show you how we helped this client increase their quality observations, how they were able to efficiently address corrective actions, and successfully implement numerous PI efforts.

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