There are many reasons why hospitals need to be constantly ready for regulatory surveys

> Patient Safety
> Accreditation
> Funding 
> Reputation

Whether it is TJC, CMS, HFAP or DNV, the pressure of a successful accreditation survey is well known, as is the frantic scrambling for compliance during the “survey window.”

The consumption of staffing resources is huge.

Hospital Accreditation & Compliance

Survey-ready at any time is attainable, eliminating the traditional frantic environment of ensuring compliance during the survey window

The built in real-time reporting provides a credible & invaluable resource to demonstrate regulatory efforts

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Streamlined Efforts

Significantly streamline your Quality & Accreditation managers efforts to proactively gather, aggregate, and report data

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Regulatory-Based Checklists

All rounding efforts and checklists are associated with the appropriate regulatory authority

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Performance Improvement

Sustained performance improvement supports regulatory compliance

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Survey Ready

Eliminate the traditional frantic environment of ensuring compliance during the survey window


Readiness Rounds’ Regulatory solution uses digital rounding to proactively collect, aggregate and report regulatory compliance data.

This is what it looks like to use Readiness Rounds in relation to the top two major regulators:


Quality observations are related to the appropriate standard. This enables real-time compliance data against items that require a measure of success, eliminating huge facility efforts to try and quantify compliance levels. In addition, reporting proves to be an important resource during on-site surveys

CMS - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

This resource provides an “at-a-glance” view of compliance tied to Conditions of Participation (COP)

What makes Readiness Rounds different?

Readiness Rounds is not only a digital data rounding platform, but it goes beyond that to include a robust reporting system, specifically used for performance improvement initiatives.

We also know that survey-readiness and accreditation success is important to the health of your organization, that’s why we’ve built in all major accreditors to streamline your reporting.


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Here's how it works:


We analyze and customize our platform and approach to your needs


Watch as data collection via the Readiness Rounds platform paints a picture of compliance and proactively readies you for regulatory visits


Meet with your personal Readiness Rounds account manager to help analyze your data and design performance improvement initiative plans


Get a glimpse at how Readiness Rounds approaches Regulatory Measures

Survey readiness, easier reporting, efficiently.

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