Sustainable performance improvement is a crucial component of any High Reliability pursuit

Hospitals typically implement high reliability strategies for some combination of the following reasons

Patient Safety

Patient Safety

High reliability strategies help prevent medical errors and accidents

Quality of care

Quality of Care

By focusing on continuous improvement and the identification and management of potential risks, hospitals  improve the quality of care

Financial benefits

Financial Benefits

Implementing high reliability strategies leads to cost savings



Adopting high reliability strategies helps hospitals meet regulatory requirements




A hospital with consistently high CMS/HCAHPS star ratings along with Leapfrog high scoring will lead to increased patient trust and loyalty


This can be accomplished by implementing optimized processes, building a culture of reliability, and utilizing tools to leverage healthcare workers’ potential to provide improvement.

Readiness Rounds’ solutions are designed to provide important performance improvement support to aid in the pursuit of 5-stars and zero harm. 

Pursuing Excellence & Zero Harm

Improve Patient Safety, Quality of Care, and Experience results

Streamlined Checking

Capture quality observations (digital rounding) to find where improvements are needed

Performance Improvement Initiatives

Constantly pursue, monitor, and improve the performance improvement initiatives. Automated PI prioritization accelerates PI teams and process


Pioneering High Reliability

White Plains Hospital pioneers the country's first High Reliability approach

We all want to achieve zero harm. But is it even achievable? And is it achievable within current resources and workflows? The answer is yes. And we'll show you how in this step-by-step case study.

  • See a real example in action
  • See how the Readiness Rounds partnership ensures success
  • See the real outcomes they are guaranteed to achieve
White Plains High Reliability Case Study _ Readiness Rounds

What makes Readiness Rounds different?

Readiness Rounds is a high reliability approach designed exclusively for use in healthcare.

Since 2008 we have expanded and enhanced the platform driven by a talented company team and helped enormously by our customers as they have requested improvements based on their operational experience.

Readiness Rounds High Reliability Rounding Software-1

Here's how it works:


We come onsite to analyze and customize our platform and approach to your needs


Watch as data observations are collected and transformed into performance improvement initiatives so you can continue to sustain your hospital’s strengths and improve on any identified weaknesses


Meet with your personal Readiness Rounds account manager each month to help analyze your data and design performance improvement initiative plans


Get a glimpse at how Readiness Rounds approaches High Reliability

Exceptional care, high reliability, efficiently.

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