Significantly improve your clinical quality and patient safety outcomes 

With a proven approach to consistent observation of nursing practices, interviewing staff for knowledge, and developing improvement initiatives

Nursing staff is inundated with demands for clinical quality data

While there is a lot of data residing inside an electronic health record, nursing is typically required to:

  • Respond to over 20 different formats
  • Gather data at different intervals
  • Many of these requests are duplicative, coming from various hospital staff and external agencies

This is very time-intensive and frustrating for nursing and is a distraction from patient care.

Smiling doctor looking at a patient on a wheelchair in hospital hallway

The Readiness Rounds approach ensures that nursing no longer has to manage a wide variety of formats to make required observations.

We’ve consolidated required checks into one singular format, deployed in a manner that significantly reduces nursing time to gather information. 


Readiness Rounds’ Clinical Quality solution improves the efficiency of nursing efforts with a singular, streamlined platform and an integrated, automated reporting element for performance improvement made easy.

You can utilize a number of comprehensive checks such as:

Open Medical Record Review

Pain Assessment

Blood Transfusion

Patient Hand Off

Pressure Injury

Bedside Mobility

Rapid Response

& Many More


Northern Westchester Hospital Significantly Transforms CAUTI Rates Within One Year

See how Northern Westchester Hospital achieved 100% CAUTI reduction with the support of Readiness Rounds' high reliability performance improvement initiatives.

Northern Westchester CAUTI Case Study (1)

What makes Readiness Rounds different?

The Readiness Rounds’ high reliability platform provides a robust dashboard system, specifically used for performance improvement initiatives.

The integration of safety checks needed by nursing on a single platform streamlines nursing effort eliminating duplication and significantly reducing nursing effort.

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Here's how it works:


We analyze and customize the platform to meet your needs


Nursing staff uses the efficiently designed Readiness Rounds digital platform to to check, report, and improve clinical quality


Meet with your personal Readiness Rounds account manager to help analyze your data and design performance improvement initiative plans


Get a glimpse at how Readiness Rounds approaches Patient Satisfaction & Experience

Safer patients, better clinical quality, efficiency.

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