Implement sustainable, cost effective improvement strategies to reduce healthcare associated infections (HAIs)

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI’s) are a major, yet often preventable, threat to patient safety. 

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The most effective way for hospitals to combat HAIs is to stop them in their tracks before they start.

Hospitals looking to improve hand hygiene, high-level disinfection, CAUTI, CLABSI, etc., can reduce and even prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) with Readiness Rounds’ streamlined process that ensures key elements of the care are consistently in place throughout the hospital.

Service Features

Readiness Rounds’ HAI rounding & improvement solution works by providing these necessary features:

Consolidated Digital Rounding

Consolidated digital rounding incorporates the typical observation techniques. The second component of the rounding process is focused on providing "real time" evaluations & training as needed

Gather Real Time Barriers

Rounding also gathers "real time" barriers - barriers nursing is encountering in their job. This information is invaluable in launching appropriate improvement efforts

Performance Improvement Aggregation

Performance improvement aggregation so that you know exactly what improvements to focus on, every single month

Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards and reporting so that you can track your improvements to know whether your efforts are working


Northern Westchester Hospital Significantly Transforms CAUTI Rates Within One Year

Use this step-by-step program to build and implement a CAUTI reduction program at your hospital

See how one Northern Westchester Hospital achieved 100% CAUTI reduction with the support of Readiness Rounds' high reliability performance improvement initiatives.

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What makes Readiness Rounds different?

Readiness Rounds is a high reliability approach designed exclusively for use in healthcare.

Since 2008 we have expanded and enhanced the platform driven by a talented company team and helped enormously by our customers as they have requested improvements based on their operational experience.

We also believe that your patient’s safety matters most which is why we designed an approach that proactively checks processes to support infection prevention strategies.

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Here's how it works:


We come onsite to analyze and customize our platform and approach to your needs


Watch as your nursing staff continues their regular duties, using the efficiently designed Readiness Rounds digital platform to check, report, and improve safety


Meet with your personal Readiness Rounds account manager each month to help analyze your data and design performance improvement initiative plans


Get a glimpse at how Readiness Rounds approaches Healthcare Associated Infections

Safer patients, reduced infections, efficiently.

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