Provide the best possible experience for your patients by solving their issues while still in the continuum of care

It’s impossible to improve our patients’ experiences after they’ve left our care. Post-discharge feedback isn’t good enough.

Receiving feedback after the patient has left the continuum of care creates a missed opportunity

It’s impossible to improve our patients’ experiences after they’ve left our care. Post-discharge feedback, while helpful, is “history with minimal possibility of effective service recovery."

Managing patient experience using post discharge feedback is like playing tennis just watching the scoreboard. You will know the score but you will lose the game.

Patient Satisfaction & Experience | Readiness Rounds

The Solution

Instead of waiting to hear how your hospital performed after care, use a proactive rounding model that inquires about and solves patients’ issues while they are still in your care.

Readiness Rounds implements this approach in your hospital with care checks, asking about actual patient needs, using proactive alert notifications, and rapidly correcting patient concerns.


Readiness Rounds' Patient Satisfaction & Experience Solution

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Improved Patient Experience

Comprehensive digital rounding beyond the basics helps to build the gap between required care and exceptional care.

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Improved & Sustained HCAHPS Scores

Good HCAHPS scores can mean the difference between patient retention, reputation, and continued success.

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Improved Care in Real Time

Real time corrective actions solve patient issues before they leave the continuum of care.

A “High Tech - High Touch” approach

Our difference is two-fold:

Digital rounding to check on patients and automated service recovery while the patient is still in the continuum of care.

Patient satisfaction extends far beyond gathering patient feedback in real time.

Some examples are:

Hourly Rounding Competency Coaching

Communication Board Effectiveness

ED Care Checks

Post-Discharge Calling

Executive Leadership Rounding

& Many More

17 Proven Strategies to Improve Patient Satisfaction & Experience:

A proven approach to comprehensive patient satisfaction

17 proven strategies to improve patient satisfaction & experience

Improve Patient Satisfaction & Experience | READINESS ROUNDS

What makes Readiness Rounds different?

Readiness Rounds’ real time approach to patient experience ensures best possible service recovery and is supported by a robust dashboard system, specifically used for performance improvement initiatives.

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Here's how it works:


We analyze and customize our platform and approach to fit your needs


Your staff continues their regular duties, using the efficiently designed Readiness Rounds platform to check, report, and follow-up on patient needs


Meet with your personal Readiness Rounds account manager to help analyze your data and design performance improvement initiative plans


Get a glimpse at how Readiness Rounds approaches Patient Satisfaction & Experience

Happier patients, better HCAHPS scores, efficiently.

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