Manage Regulatory Requirements and Deploy Sustainable Performance Improvement


Regulatory Compliance

Data Overload

For many Quality & Accreditation managers, the requirements to gather, aggregate, and report data are overwhelming. Not only is keeping up with the current requirements a major task, it can feel like additional requirements are constantly required. The Readiness Rounds platform is designed to dramatically streamline this effort.


Regulatory Compliance

In addition to streamlining all rounding efforts and checklists, the Readiness Rounds platform associates the results with the appropriate regulatory authority.


The Joint Commission 

Quality observations are related to the appropriate Chapter/Standard/Element of Performance. This enables “real time” compliance data against items that require a measure of success, eliminating huge facility efforts to try and quantify compliance levels. In addition, reporting proves to be an important resource during on-site surveys with the validation of data collection and performance improvement efforts and the demonstration of immediate historical performance in the event of a regulatory finding.


This resource provides an “at-a-glance” view of compliance tied to Conditions of Participation (COP) and is a valuable resource in the event of a CMS audit.



In healthcare, we, with the best intent, agree that routine quality and safety checks should be conducted. However, the volume of checks required is often overwhelming and it can also be extraordinarily difficult to establish who is responsible and to determine if they have conducted the check. The Readiness Rounds platform comes with a built-in accountability structure. No more chasing staff to check if they have completed their checks and no more hunting for papers containing key facility data. Individuals are notified by Readiness Rounds of their responsibilities through a closed-loop system that is built into the platform and is 100% automated.


Fully automated, integrated dashboard results bring about a level of clarity not previously imagined when sharing data throughout groups. From board-level to the front-line staff a similar view is provided allowing immediate understanding of results and driving transparency throughout the organization.

Create Transparency

Performance Improvement

Many well-intentioned performance improvement (PI) efforts collapse under the weight of ineffectual data collection. The Readiness Rounds approach eliminates this issue. Another hurdle for most PI teams outside of data aggregation is how to prioritize their efforts. Countless hours of meetings often produce little movement.  Readiness Rounds has a proprietary approach of constantly filtering data results into the “Top 10 Failing™” items. This approach eliminates any discussion on what the priority issues are and allows PI teams to move immediately into launching improvement efforts.




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