patient satisfaction & experience


At Readiness Rounds, your patients' satisfaction matters to us. With our proactive model, you are able to focus on providing the best experience possible by solving patients' issues while in the continuum of care.

Patient Satisfaction Is a Priority

Quality of care can be undermined if the patient's experience isn't outstanding. It is time to match the quality of experience with the quality of care. The result is most importantly, satisfied patients, but also increased HCAHPS scores.

  • Emphasis on hourly checks
  • Obtain information on actual patient needs
  • Prompt proactive alert notifications
  • Rapid correction of patient concerns
  • Increased transparency of patient experience results

Our vision is to offer a system that allows patient satisfaction to be handled during care, instead of learning about their dissatisfaction after care - when it is too late. 

High Tech
High Touch

Improving and sustaining patient satisfaction and experience is as much about systems as it is about smiles. You need both strong systems and welcoming smiles.

Checklists Plus Hospital Processes

Readiness Rounds digital checklists combined with the hospital's internal processes significantly improve and enhance patient satisfaction and experience.


rounding tool Samples

inpatient rounding sample
inPatient sample
leadership rounding sample
Executive Leadership sample
discharge calling
Discharge Follow-Up sample

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