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Healthcare Leaving Frontlines Exposed While Battling Vaccinations

Vaccine mandates are not without problems of their own. Many are being challenged in court ruling against those opposed to mandatory vaccinations.

The Delta variant and stagnant COVID vaccination rates are chipping away at ground gained in the war against COVID.

Infection and hospitalization rates for the unvaccinated are increasing at alarming rates not seen since last winter. In early June, Andy Slavitt, a Biden administration former adviser on COVID-19, suggested that 98% to 99% of the Americans dying of the coronavirus are unvaccinated.

And in late June, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said that the vaccine is so effective that “nearly every death, especially among adults, due to COVID-19, is, at this point, entirely preventable.”

Healthcare facilities are once again experiencing rising caseloads, especially in states with low vaccination rates.

The struggle against staffing and bed shortages is as difficult as ever.

Predictive modeling indicates by this fall and winter, the U.S. will reach 1,000 deaths a day again, hitting unvaccinated areas the hardest.

Many hospital leaders see the parallel between their stalled efforts to immunize employees and states’ efforts to vaccinate residents.

Vaccination rates overall have stalled under 60%, which is below what it would take to reach herd immunity.

Unable to control misinformation and persuade the unvaccinated with facts and statistics, the corporate, government, education and healthcare sectors are changing tactics and mandating COVID vaccinations as a condition of employment or attendance.

They recognize that the only way to stop the virus is to vaccinate as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, and at this point, mandatory vaccinations is the way to do that.

Vaccine mandates are not without problems of their own. Many are being challenged in court, though the courts have thrown out some of the biggest high-profile cases, ruling against those opposed to mandatory vaccinations.

  • There’s waiting to see what other health systems do.
  • There’s waiting for guidance from government and CDC.
  • There’s legal action being taken.
  • There’s employee and public perceptions to consider.

Since healthcare and others are embroiled in battling these issues, why not take control of what’s completely under their control right now?

What many people don’t realize is how easy a Visitor Management System is to put in place, and once in place, can enhance safety.

A Visitor Management System gives control over who enters your healthcare facility. The Delta variant and flat vaccination rates have changed how healthcare is having to fight against COVID, and now the battle is focused on mandatory vaccinations for staff.

  • Rigorous infectious disease management is the new operational reality and doesn’t come with the complications of requiring mandatory vaccinations, proof thereof and endless employee COVID testing.
  • Thorough screening of everyone prior to entering a healthcare facility is critical to preventing virus transmission.

Well Screen is a fully automated, multi-point visitor management system that is easy to implement. It was designed to help prevent virus spread and maintain a safe environment for your employees, providers, patients, visitors, vendors and the general public. Healthcare facilities can get started with this solution quickly and seamlessly.  

Well Screen:

  • Takes care of the employee and visitor check-in process
  • Screens for wellness symptoms and performs temperature checks in seconds
  • Helps manage PPE, visiting hours and other safety measures
  • Includes an app that makes it even more convenient to check in and out

If you are in search for a customized, automated and fully-integrated product, Well Screen is a holistic, cost-effective solution to help prevent disease spread and address the important issues surrounding public safety and well-being.

To learn more about Well Screen and how your hospital, practice or facility can benefit from a visitor management system, request a personal demo session today.

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