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Hospitals are discovering that their out-dated, often paper-based processes for collecting quality observational data don’t cut it...

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Measuring results

Hospitals are discovering that their outdated, often paper-based processes for collecting quality observational data don’t cut it when it comes to performance improvement. 

Implementing new digital processes can be tough but well worth it, but organizations must keep the followings things in mind when designing and implementing a digital performance improvement process.

The 6 Keys to Effective & Efficient Digital Rounding:

1. Streamlined

  • Avoid duplicative effort
  • Consolidate all checklists into a single platform

2. Easy to Use

  • Ensure your solution is universally intuitive

3. Sustainable

  • Focus on correcting problems and launching performance improvement efforts

4. Flexible

  • Should be applicable to every performance area
  • Should be customizable

5. Effective

  • The solution must be properly designed to manage, notify and escalate items that need correction.

6. Appropriate

  • Insist that surveys, actions, etc. are appropriate for regulations within your facility.

Many hospitals report gathering an abundance of observational quality data but few have a system in place to use that data for improvement. Organizations must be able to look at the data for the system, the hospital, the department and the area in order to know where to start improving and be able to measure improvement.

Read more info here: 6 Must Haves for Implementing Hospital Checklists.

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