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Patient Satisfaction & Experience

Use Your Healthcare Rounding Data!

Hospitals are discovering that their out-dated, often paper-based processes for collecting quality observational data don’t cut it...

Patient Satisfaction & Experience

Better Care Equals a Higher CMS Star Rating

It has always been a moral imperative for hospitals and health systems to provide a high-quality care and patient experience...

Patient Safety & Clinical Quality

Top 5 Concerns of Hospital CEOs

The Top Concerns of Hospital CEOs and more latest hospital news stories.

Hospital Accreditation and Compliance

TJC SAFER Matrix - Definitions & Examples

The new TJC SAFER Matrix has been announced and Readiness Rounds is your go-to resource for all things SAFER Matrix.

Patient Safety & Clinical Quality

Legionnaires' Disease, is your facility at risk?

We will examine the factors that are playing a role in the increase in reports or Legionnaires' Disease and what can be done to increase patient...

Patient Safety & Clinical Quality

Active Shooter in Your Hospital Part II

Part 2 of the preventive steps to address healthcare's response to an active shooter crisis.

Patient Satisfaction & Experience

Infographic: The Patient Wish List

"What are the most common pieces of feedback we hear when patients send us letters or complete their surveys?"

Hand Hygiene

NOROVIRUS - The gift no one wants!

This is the time of year when it seems that everyone is sick, some with cold and flu, but many with gastrointestinal illnesses.

Hospital Accreditation and Compliance

Medication Storage Safety

During annual Joint Commission (TJC) surveys, the same Medication Management Standards turn up as the highest in non-compliance.

Hand Hygiene

The Dirty Truth of Hand Hygiene

We know that pathogens causing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are most frequently spread between patients on the hands of healthcare workers

Patient Safety & Clinical Quality

CAUTI & CLABSI: Ending the Blame Game

As professionals in healthcare, we are taught and trained to heal, not harm. But when poor patient outcomes occur, who is to blame?

Environment of Care

Fire Drills and Digital Checklists

When overseeing and conducting your hospital's fire drills, have you ever thought, “There has got to be a tool for this?”

High Reliability Organization

Hospital Safety in Free Fall

For patients in today’s healthcare system, getting the treatment they need can feel a lot like being in free fall. Click here to read more!

Patient Safety & Clinical Quality

The 3 Keys of Hospital Checklists

Checklists are a vital tool in improving healthcare safety and accountability.

Electronic Rounding

8 Must-Haves for Any Hospital Checklist

A hospital checklist assists staff in staying on task & completing their rounds while being efficient and timely. Find out what's needed on a list.

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